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Podcast in English 20210616 Aquamation

Hello everyone, today is June 16th, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada, I’m your host, a funeral business podcaster and a funeral consultant in Japan. 
Also a Researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 27 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Funeral Business Podcaster of Japan

Today’s talk is a continuation of last week, the 3 day event of the ending industry expo in Tokyo. 

According to the official announcement, the total participants were 12,634 people.
But these are the people who registered for the event but there were other events simultaneously and people were able to attend any of them with one ticket. Therefore, there were more.

Last year, the number was about 13,900 people. 

This year, from the 2nd and 3rd day, there were people from other events attending and there seemed to be more than last year.
What I found out recently, there were people who were interested in different kinds of burial or basically, alternatives to cremation.

In the USA, there is natural decomposition and even “aquamation” which uses alkaline-hydrolysis using alkaline based liquid. 
In Japan, the only solution is cremation.

What is “aquamation”?

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ENDEX 2021


Podcast in English 20210609 ENDEX2021

Hello everyone. Today is June 9th, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada.
Today’s talk is about the Ending Industry Expo in Tokyo Big Sight.
I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan

Starting today, ENDEX has started and will be held until Friday 5PM at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition B Hall.
B Hall is the far away exhibition hall and it’s far!

Funeral Business Podcaster of Japan

Please make sure that you are pre-registered.
It’ll make you exempt from the entrance fee.

Today, I met a young artist.
He uses ashes from the bones and mixes it with the paint.
He uses 3 grams of ashes sent by the survived family and uses it for the painting for them.
People in Japan might not accept it easily but this is another way of mourning.
He draws mostly abstract images but he will draw anything.
I told him that he should output his work more towards outside of Japan.
The market is bigger than Japan.

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Podcast in English 20210603 Funeral Industry Tradeshows

Hello everyone. Today is June 3rd, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada.
I’m a funeral business consultant, a researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare the End of Life Journey. 

Funeral Business Podcaster Yuusuke Wada

Today’s talk is about funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan and you’re listening to the BGM called “君はもういない” , the direct translation would be that “you are no longer her”, meaning “I miss you”.

In the last episode, I stated I will podcast once a week.
Sorry, I missed the deadline post yesterday. I had the manuscript written but couldn’t record.

Funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’ve written many posts on this subject in both Japanese and English.

But this will be the first podcast in English speaking on the subject.

Initially, there was only one event that was for the public. Public meaning the industry people. There were private events held by the funeral companies and their suppliers before that but not a conglomerate event organized by the publisher called “Sogo Unicom”.

Sogo Unicom sold many magazines, including funeral industry information, such as the trends, newly opened parlors, and crematoriums and such.

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