Podcast in English 20210609 ENDEX2021

Hello everyone. Today is June 9th, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada.
Today’s talk is about the Ending Industry Expo in Tokyo Big Sight.
I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan

Starting today, ENDEX has started and will be held until Friday 5PM at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition B Hall.
B Hall is the far away exhibition hall and it’s far!

Funeral Business Podcaster of Japan

Please make sure that you are pre-registered.
It’ll make you exempt from the entrance fee.

Today, I met a young artist.
He uses ashes from the bones and mixes it with the paint.
He uses 3 grams of ashes sent by the survived family and uses it for the painting for them.
People in Japan might not accept it easily but this is another way of mourning.
He draws mostly abstract images but he will draw anything.
I told him that he should output his work more towards outside of Japan.
The market is bigger than Japan.

I also encountered a subscription business of Buddhist altar.
Altar is something that is disappearing from the Japanese homes in the city due to the way homes are built. 
There are no “Butsuma”, meaning “area for Butsudan, the altar” in the house newly built.
But still, people want to pray for the lost loved ones at something.

The caveat is that they cannot afford a large one nor want to purchase for a short while to see if it fits the household. 
You can rent (subscribe) for a year and see how it blends in with the house.

The manufacturer of the altar is getting the resellers to join the community so that they can make money off the subscription business.
When the subscription is done, the user can simply return it or purchase it.

Last but not least, the space age is here once again.
Let the bones (ashes) into the space and let it be a shooting star.

One thing that I noticed is that people entering into this End of Life Business industry, they are not aware of the industry dying.
The only way of survival is to all have a positive attitude and work together.

Just found out today that Japanese newspapers are sending out false information.  Journalists are NOT investigating the truth in the funeral industry.

Stay tuned.
I will be podcasting once a week. 
Have a  good day and have a good week.
You only live once and you only die once.

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