Podcast in English 20210603 Funeral Industry Tradeshows

Hello everyone. Today is June 3rd, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada.
I’m a funeral business consultant, a researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare the End of Life Journey. 

Funeral Business Podcaster Yuusuke Wada

Today’s talk is about funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan and you’re listening to the BGM called “君はもういない” , the direct translation would be that “you are no longer her”, meaning “I miss you”.

In the last episode, I stated I will podcast once a week.
Sorry, I missed the deadline post yesterday. I had the manuscript written but couldn’t record.

Funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’ve written many posts on this subject in both Japanese and English.

But this will be the first podcast in English speaking on the subject.

Initially, there was only one event that was for the public. Public meaning the industry people. There were private events held by the funeral companies and their suppliers before that but not a conglomerate event organized by the publisher called “Sogo Unicom”.

Sogo Unicom sold many magazines, including funeral industry information, such as the trends, newly opened parlors, and crematoriums and such.

The event started 25 years ago but last year, Sogo Unicom could not hold the event due to the COVID crisis and this year, it’s the 24th event.

Funeral Biz Fair in Yokohama

Next week starting on Wednesday, 9th June, at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition hall, there will be the 7th Ending Industry Expo AKA Ceremony Japan event.

Last show was 7 months ago in November, 2020.
It was just after people got used to COVID-19 in Japan and the promoter decided to hold the event with all caution.

This event consists of suppliers in the funeral industry as well as stone masonry that builds tombstones.
But due to the abundance of space, meaning a lack of exhibitors, there are other events simultaneously held.  One is the Cafe/Restaurant exhibition which is a totally different market from funerals. The others are well-being and health, which is not so far from funerals.

I will be attending both exhibitions and will be at the Booth B4-17 of Nihon Soso Bunka Gakkai (Funeral Culture Study Society of Japan) for the three days. Please look for me if you come.

Please do NOT forget to preregister. It’s free if you do!


The funeral industry is dying.
There are not too many profitable services anymore.
The internet brokers are collecting 30 to 40 percent fee.

It’s a war of attrition and cannot be stopped unless brokers lower the price or the price of the funeral comes back high again, which is very unlikely.

Despite the situation, there are companies that are doing well even receiving clients from these internet brokers. These companies have adapted in cutting initial cost and using labor of supporting companies and hiring part time staff to reduce fixed cost of manpower.

My goal here is to make people aware of how good and how bad the Japanese funeral business is now, under COVID-19 crisis.
Most undertaker companies have been falling short of their goals since last year due to the extreme recession in the industry.

I’m consulting to those to boost their business and give ideas.
I’m podcasting in Japanese under jfuneral.com site.

Stay tuned.

I will be podcasting once a week.
The next episode will be broadcasted on the 9th. 
Have a  good day and have a good week.
You only live once and you only die once.