Japanese Funeral 101 after cremation

After the bones are put in the urn (2 types of urn — the large and the small in east and west), there are two options.
The usual is to do the “first 7th day ritual” on the same day since it’s a hassle for every member in the family to gather and pray again and perform the rituals. The other option is to go to the grave yard and bury the bones if you have a family grave or your own. Burial is usually done after 49th day.

The after leaving the crematorium, the family members head for either the funeral palor, to the temple, or to the restaurant where you can bring in the bones. There, the “first 7th day ritual” is held. It’s basically another praying time and after that, you are free to eat meat. This is not for all Buddhism sects but most. The family and the relatives are out of restrain from eating meat. But the real “ordinance” is after the first year for all. After the praying, people eat a meal from being cleared. Then they go back home after the meal.



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