What is ENDEX?

First of all, if you are intersted in visiting, please register on-line before hand or bring 2 business cards and fill out th form at the enterance.

Pre-registration will exempt you from entrance fee of 2000 yen.
People with courtecy invitation ticket are also free (don’t forget 2 business cards).

This year, it will be held at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition hall, adjacent (litteraly connected to Tokyo Telephort Rinkai Line station).

What is ENDEX?

ENDEX is an exhibition for the funeral (death) industry held by the company called TSO International, which organizes exhibitions of various markets.
This year is the 6th year and have evolved into a bigger event for all people, that include individuals seeking “Shu-Katsu” which is preparing for end of life.

“Shu-Katsu” (終活) means to prepare for the ending and was derived from the word “Shu-Katsu” (就活) meaning “Shushoku Katsudo” where fresh out of college go out for job hunting to be hired in April. BTW, “Shu-Katsu” is NOT “pre-need”. It’s only a way of thinking of getting ready and not preparing for it’s own funeral only.

Last year, there were 1.38M deaths in Japan.
The birthrate was less than the death rate thus Japanese population is declining since Dec. 2004. There are more people dying to get in to the industry, where people misbelieve that it’s a growing industry.

According to the government statistics, the average price of funeral was 1.35M yen and multiply that by 1.38M death will end up as 1.863T yen market.
“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is the correct proverb for this industry. This 1.35M yen consist of graveyard (gravestone), monk’s fee, meal, and return gifts that’s not actually the undertaker’s fee all the time.
So, many people dove in finding out it later that the grass wasn’t green at all.
With COVID-19, the cermonies have shrunk to the minimum as well.

ENDEX (Ending Industry Exhibition) now consist of 5 marketers.
Funeral, graveyard (gravestone), ceremonial, religious, and “shu-katsu”.
There will be industry related people as well as non-professionals that seek for information of preparations (sometimes themselves, others for their family).

There are companies that provide scattering (in the ocean), homepage designers, ecology conscious suppliers, embalmers, drone video takers, care givers, flower designers, coffin manufactures, hearse car manufactures, funeral parlor developers, and even the railroad companies for parlors.

This is the list for ENDEX 2020


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