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Podcast in English 20210721 Plants with Memory and Human DNA

Podcast No. 33 in English

Today is July 21st, 2021.

This is your host,  Yuusuke Wada, probably the only funeral business podcaster discussing the death industry business of Japan in English.
I’m also the researcher of the Reform of Death and the journey to the end of life.

Japan’s Only Funeral Biz Podcaster

No. 32 was about future AI usage allowing digital transformation in the funeral industry.
What’s important is the AI to take calls and if needed, pass the baton to a real human being.
In Japan, there is only one real reason for those who call the funeral parlors.

Someone has died and we funeral directors need to find out where to go and pick up their loved ones and bring them to wherever needed, such as the morgue or to their home, or even to temples.

Therefore, an AI avatar has a much higher dimensional value than just taking the call.

Today, agriculture and ecosystems are very important.

Today’s talk  is about a biotech startup company in Israel that stores data on plants.

It’s called the “Memo Tree” that keeps you and your loved one’s memory alive.

What I have been told by the founder is that they are starting a pilot program in the USA.
I am informed about it but I cannot reveal it yet.

This is a technology that implements memory capabilities in plants and replaces them from tombstones. 

In the USA, there are too many tombstones taking space in the graveyards.
Actually, not only in the USA, but many countries have an issue on this.

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