Podcast in English 20210526

It’s been 6 months since I last posted podcast here.

I’m a funeral business consultant, a researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare the End of Life Journey. 

I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan and you’re listening to the BGM called “The Bluest Star” by the artist “The 126er” from the YouTube Audio Library.

Today is May 26 and it’s the birthday of the lovely lady, Stevie Nicks.
A brief introduction of myself.

I used to be a funeral parlor owner and a funeral director.
I regard myself as an ex-funeral director but once you are a funeral director, you’ll always be a funeral director for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not.

I’m also an ex-engineer.
I used to design and develop laser printers and copiers for a Japanese manufacturing company and also used to be a tech support for an USA based firm in LA designing laser printer controllers.

Now, I consult in many areas.
One, is without saying, undertaker business.
My podcasts are about the Japanese funeral business.

I’m not sure how many people really listen to it but many of my insights can be related to other businesses other than funerals.

I also consult in an AI development company.
I go out and make alliances with other companies and also try to sell AI based technologies. 

Why is an ex-undertaker doing such?
To make the long story short, the AI development company was developing an AI based clone of oneself that can be used for the end of life event.

I also help out in the atomic energy company finding new clients.
In Japan, there is no route to sell plutonium but other rare metals excavated all over the world.

I find connections and make development goals for both clients and the third party.  

Call me a catalyst.

I will start podcasting in English as well for people interested in Japanese funeral business.

BTW, I just released a book about myself. It’s not an autobiography.
I had chief editors at a major publishing company in Japan write for me.

It’s in Japanese and I’m in the midst of publishing the English version.

The title is called “The Man Who’s Called the Reaper”.

Well, guess why?

My goal here is to make people aware of how good and how bad the Japanese funeral business is now, under COVID-19 crisis.
Most undertaker companies are falling short of their goals since last year due to extreme recession in the industry.

People dying to get in the coffin, no, not at all.

BTW, the death toll has declined by 14,000 compared to 2019 in 2020 due to Japanese taking care of public hygiene.

Stay tuned.
I will be podcasting once a week. 

Have a  good day and have a good week.
You only live once and you only die once.

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