Podcast in English 20201119

Guess what?
Today is the day you can drink the Beaujolais Nouveau.
Yes, I had a sip and no, I did NOT buy it. (Laugh).
It was more expensive the ones I buy regularly at Chigasaki.


I came across the phrase “micro love” this morning on LinkedIn.
A man who I respect that spoke at NFDA 2020 Expo, Mr. Simon Sinek, introduced a post from a Harvard professor, who seems to be a “Dead Head”, riding a train, high on cocaine (just joking).


What is “micro love” and what’s the connection with the funerals?
This is my point!

BTW, in the podcast, I talk about number of COVID-19 patients and I just realized that I was off by a factor of 10 (sorry). Japanese 1000 is SEN, 10,000 is MAN, and 100,000 is 10 Man, where people often gets screwed up. Ughh!

Well, having said that, the number of suicide have increased from July.
We need to save these people since many are really have mental instabilities due to poor economy, losing jobs and some losing home.

I hope there’s an end to this crisis soon. The cold winter is coming.

BTW, I’ll be at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall from Nov. 24th to 26th (all 3 days to the max) for ENDEX 2020 Expo, which will  be the first Death Industry non-virtual event in the world.

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