Daily Archives: 2012/05/26

influenced by media

Media or not, there are many things that influence one’s life.
Friends, family, TV, radio, internet, and more.

Today, I came across a show on the TV on NHK (the national broadcast of Japan), a show called “Super Presentation” which was hosted by the Director of MIT Media Lab Mr. Joi Ito.
Finding out that Mr. Ito is the same age as me, born 1966, and MIT Media Lab established in 1985, the same year I graduated from BU ENG, made a big shock on me.

Why? I came across a missing value loss in my life.
The other day, I argued with my wife about my lost 10 years or was it a gained 10 years. It’s only a point of view. Who’s loss and who’s gain or perhaps, both in my life.

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