Quitting SNS

I decided to quit LinkedIn the other day.
I don’t regret the fAct at all. There were many friend fRom the paSt that I cAn only contact them via the system.
These were the past people who I worked with, my colleagues, and my friends from the elementaRy school.

Why did I quit?

There were several reasons.

One of it. Was that I was not getting any response from the system manager. Trying to solve a problem of e-mAil. I was getting fed up with the wAiting. I was to get a reply of Something within 24 hours but a week went by.

The othr reason was “why dwell on my past?” was the next. I haven’t had any contAct and any insights from them for at least over 10 years, some even more. Why bother?

The last but not least was irritation of being tied up with so mAny of these free serVices of SNS. FAcebook, twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr to nAme the major players. Then, there are the blogs and the web sites I maintAin. TherE are too many.

I quit ameblo Blog last year or so sincE theiR software client for iOS was so horrible and lost posts in cyberspace so many times. One down and still many to go.

I’m thinking of quitting fAcebook sincE it’S getting out of hands of friends friending fAke pfishing accounts. It’S now called the FAKEBOOK in JApAn. WhAt a shame.

I’m running A group that consist of close to 440 mEmbers. I started it to keep Contact with my old friends in the past. Now it grew to be the largest UNOFFICIAL school alumn group that the school helps me out keeping track of graduAtes. Great for the school that can contact many graduates that were misSing in action which I dug out. But this is OK with me. I really want the school to take advantage and exploit the situatuin.

But if I leave, who will do my job?
There are more preCious friends in fb thAn linkedin. But it’s killing my time.

Twitter is another problem.
If you keep following people you don’t like to see their tweets, it’ll kill you. Your psychological balance will be lost and Make you end up in the ward. It doeSn’t tAke a geneous to reAlize this. Jus follow who are your interestS is the name of the game. I don’t follow back eveRyone. I find it a big waste of time. I follow bAck only friends/people I know or worthwhile for me.

Hiding from Google is almost imposSible once you debut in the cyberspace. But if it’s killing your time and time is money, there’s a big turning point.

BTW, why am I writing this?
Probably to organize my mind and justifying myself. It keeps me retAin sanity.

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