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Podcast in English 20210707 Funeral Biz Fair 2021

Podcast No. 30  in English

Hello everyone, today is July 7st, 2021.

This is your host, Yuusuke Wada, probably the only funeral business podcaster in Japan and also a death industry consultant. 

I am also the Researcher of the Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 30 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Japan’s Only Funeral Biz Podcaster

Last week, I talked about the Deep Dive event held at FCCJ, the foreign correspondents club of Japan. 

Today, I wish to update you on the funeral business fair that was held 2 weeks ago (a bit late) and the AI in the death industry.

Also, just 3 days ago, two of my 2 terabyte hard drives crashed simultaneously.

I had data dispersed for risk hedging but no luck.

I’ve been trying to recover for the past 3 days and losing the battle.

Trying to recover my two 2TB HDD…

As I mentioned in the podcast released on June 23rd, it was a good idea to pre-register.

As of this date, there are no official number of people that attended.
I was waiting for that number to show up but not this year.

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Podcast in English 20210623 Funeral Biz Fair in Yokohama

Podcast No. 28  in English

Hello everyone, today is June 23rd, 2021.
My name is Yuusuke Wada, currently the only funeral business podcaster and a consultant in Japan. 
Researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 28 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Today’s talk is on the next funeral business trade show in Yokohama.

This event has been going on for the past 25 years but last year, due to COVID-19 crisis, the organizers had to cancel the event, so this will be the 24th event.

Just like the previous event 2 weeks ago, please pre-register.

The ONLY Funeral Business Podcaster in Japan now

I’ll post it on the blog.

Due to COVID-19 crisis, many funeral parlors have decided to go online with their services. Companies like Life Ending Technologies have been marketing non-zoom methods of online funerals.

All you need is a mediocre spec PC and a webcam, and not to forget, an adequate internet speed but not necessarily extreme high speed.
3~5 Mbps will do.

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Podcast in English 20210603 Funeral Industry Tradeshows

Hello everyone. Today is June 3rd, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada.
I’m a funeral business consultant, a researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare the End of Life Journey. 

Funeral Business Podcaster Yuusuke Wada

Today’s talk is about funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’m your host Yuusuke Wada, funeral business podcaster of Japan and you’re listening to the BGM called “君はもういない” , the direct translation would be that “you are no longer her”, meaning “I miss you”.

In the last episode, I stated I will podcast once a week.
Sorry, I missed the deadline post yesterday. I had the manuscript written but couldn’t record.

Funeral business trade show in Japan.

I’ve written many posts on this subject in both Japanese and English.

But this will be the first podcast in English speaking on the subject.

Initially, there was only one event that was for the public. Public meaning the industry people. There were private events held by the funeral companies and their suppliers before that but not a conglomerate event organized by the publisher called “Sogo Unicom”.

Sogo Unicom sold many magazines, including funeral industry information, such as the trends, newly opened parlors, and crematoriums and such.

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Podcast in English 20201119

Guess what?
Today is the day you can drink the Beaujolais Nouveau.
Yes, I had a sip and no, I did NOT buy it. (Laugh).
It was more expensive the ones I buy regularly at Chigasaki.


I came across the phrase “micro love” this morning on LinkedIn.
A man who I respect that spoke at NFDA 2020 Expo, Mr. Simon Sinek, introduced a post from a Harvard professor, who seems to be a “Dead Head”, riding a train, high on cocaine (just joking).

What is “micro love” and what’s the connection with the funerals?
This is my point!

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With cremation rates hitting 55% nationwide, NFDA recognized the need to offer a Cremation Certification Program developed by funeral directors for funeral directors. Mike Nicodemus, Vice President of Cremation Services, joins Gabe Schauf to discuss how this program provides attendees with the framework to run an impeccable, successful operation. While this certification program has been a staple of NFDA’s outstanding education options, it is now offered virtually giving attendees access to critical information without the need to travel. Past attendees Francheskia Fenderson and Brandon Rogers-Plott join in to talk about their experience and the value it has brought to their firms.

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∑(゚Д゚)エ!? これが真っ先になくなる仕事じゃないの?

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