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Podcast in English 20210728 Emboss print

Podcast No. 34 in English

Today is July 28th, 2021.

This is your host,  Yuusuke Wada, probably the only funeral business podcaster discussing the death industry business of Japan in English.
I’m also the researcher of the Reform of Death and the journey to the end of life.

No. 33 was about a startup company in Israel called Memotree.
It’s a technology that implants DNA into a tree (plants) and encrypts and uses it as a natural memory.
These trees replace tombstones and set the carbon offset.

Japan’s Only Funeral Biz Podcaster

I had a zoom meeting with the founder.

Also, I had a meeting with another startup company in Japan that uses iris of your eyes and creates an artwork out through image manipulation and encryption that becomes the key to the virtual cemetery. 
The system is called “viz Prizma”.

All of these are new technologies that defies the current funeral tradition.
Traditions are there to bring order and rules at the time of turmoil.
People need to rethink what a funeral is really all about.

I have a page on this website explaining Japanese Funerals.
You might want to take a look at it.

I will need to discuss this as a different episode as one of the deep dives.

Today’s talk is about a special paper that expands (pops up) like braille characters when heated through a special roller.

Paper is printed using a regular inkjet printer.
Then, the computer sends emboss data to a separate printer and this heater.
This means you print twice (2 data).
One without the emboss, it can be colored, and the other, plain emboss data.
When the paper is passing through the “fixer” that heats the paper, the emboss image expands.

Minolta, in the 1990’s had a copier that was sold to the visually impared market for braille printing.
But this was not so accurate since the copiers were huge and bulky, and paper tended to skew while in the copier.  But these were also used for making Christmas cards.

I’ll be working with that technology as well.

Need to make a marketing value.

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Podcast in English 20210721 Plants with Memory and Human DNA

Podcast No. 33 in English

Today is July 21st, 2021.

This is your host,  Yuusuke Wada, probably the only funeral business podcaster discussing the death industry business of Japan in English.
I’m also the researcher of the Reform of Death and the journey to the end of life.

Japan’s Only Funeral Biz Podcaster

No. 32 was about future AI usage allowing digital transformation in the funeral industry.
What’s important is the AI to take calls and if needed, pass the baton to a real human being.
In Japan, there is only one real reason for those who call the funeral parlors.

Someone has died and we funeral directors need to find out where to go and pick up their loved ones and bring them to wherever needed, such as the morgue or to their home, or even to temples.

Therefore, an AI avatar has a much higher dimensional value than just taking the call.

Today, agriculture and ecosystems are very important.

Today’s talk  is about a biotech startup company in Israel that stores data on plants.

It’s called the “Memo Tree” that keeps you and your loved one’s memory alive.

What I have been told by the founder is that they are starting a pilot program in the USA.
I am informed about it but I cannot reveal it yet.

This is a technology that implements memory capabilities in plants and replaces them from tombstones. 

In the USA, there are too many tombstones taking space in the graveyards.
Actually, not only in the USA, but many countries have an issue on this.

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Podcast in English 20210714 Using AI and tools

Podcast No. 32  in English

No. 31 was in Japanese posted today (written yesterday).

Hello everyone, today is July 14th, 2021.

This is your host, Yuusuke Wada, probably the only funeral business podcaster in Japan and also a death industry consultant. 

I am also the Researcher of the Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 32 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Japan’s Only Funeral Biz Podcaster

During the weekend, my home fax-printer’s LCD touch pad display went out.
It would no longer respond to it.
I can receive fax or use it as a printer but not as a copier or sending fax.

I went out to buy one nearby but realized it was a waste of time.

I had to go to Akihabara, the electronics district in Tokyo and bought it and had it shipped the very next day and replaced.

My son needed it to do his college homework.

Week before, my two harddrives broke.
Yesterday, my partner brought in a non-working security camera to fix.
I’m still working on that with the team in Shenzhen China and Singapore.

As soon as I find a method of recovering the security camera, I’m going to place the rest for sale.

Today, I want to talk about technologies being implemented in the funeral business.

99.97% are cremated in Japan.
There is no such thing as “eco-friendly burials”.

But what about webcasting, online memorials, burial, and obituaries?

Webcasting has started in Japan due to people not being able to attend the services due to the corona pandemic.
It took off but since after so many “state of emergency”, BTW, as of writing, it’s the 4th semi-lockdown in Tokyo and its vicinity but no one is really obeying anymore.

But funerals have become small in size.

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あちゃ~! (>_<)


  1. 2TBハードディスク、しかも2台
  2. ブラザー複合機(MyMioちゃん)–しかしずいぶん長く頑張ってくれた
  3. ルータの挙動不審でルータ交換 –原因はやはりプロバイダ(nuro)
  4. ネットワーク・セキュリティカメラ –調査中



Podcast in English 20210623 Funeral Biz Fair in Yokohama

Podcast No. 28  in English

Hello everyone, today is June 23rd, 2021.
My name is Yuusuke Wada, currently the only funeral business podcaster and a consultant in Japan. 
Researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 28 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Today’s talk is on the next funeral business trade show in Yokohama.

This event has been going on for the past 25 years but last year, due to COVID-19 crisis, the organizers had to cancel the event, so this will be the 24th event.

Just like the previous event 2 weeks ago, please pre-register.

The ONLY Funeral Business Podcaster in Japan now

I’ll post it on the blog.

Due to COVID-19 crisis, many funeral parlors have decided to go online with their services. Companies like Life Ending Technologies have been marketing non-zoom methods of online funerals.

All you need is a mediocre spec PC and a webcam, and not to forget, an adequate internet speed but not necessarily extreme high speed.
3~5 Mbps will do.

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Podcast in English 20210616 Aquamation

Hello everyone, today is June 16th, 2021.

My name is Yuusuke Wada, I’m your host, a funeral business podcaster and a funeral consultant in Japan. 
Also a Researcher of Reform of Death and I prepare for the End of Life Journey.

Podcast No. 27 of YEYSHONAN, a weekly podcast in English.

Funeral Business Podcaster of Japan

Today’s talk is a continuation of last week, the 3 day event of the ending industry expo in Tokyo. 

According to the official announcement, the total participants were 12,634 people.
But these are the people who registered for the event but there were other events simultaneously and people were able to attend any of them with one ticket. Therefore, there were more.

Last year, the number was about 13,900 people. 

This year, from the 2nd and 3rd day, there were people from other events attending and there seemed to be more than last year.
What I found out recently, there were people who were interested in different kinds of burial or basically, alternatives to cremation.

In the USA, there is natural decomposition and even “aquamation” which uses alkaline-hydrolysis using alkaline based liquid. 
In Japan, the only solution is cremation.

What is “aquamation”?

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初めまして! 残念なお知らせをするために、ご連絡を差し上げております。
アクセスするまでの経緯は、 少し前にハッカーからメールアカウントへのアクセスを購入したからです(最近では、そういったものをネット上で購入するのは、かなり単純です)。
だから、貴方のメールアカウント (メルアド記載)にも簡単にログインができました。
巧妙な手口は意外と全て単純なのです。(^ ^) そのソフトウェアによって、貴方のデバイスの操作を全て可能になりました(例えば、マイク、ビデオカメラ、キーボードの操作)。

17万円 (送金時の為替レートに応じたビットコイン相当額)を僕に送金してください。

僕のビットコインウォレットは 12wffvy5o4d5hm7KVxHJDVaijjsdJBh5yi です。


しかし、 で調べたら、どなたかがすでにお支払いされている・・・